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Here's the truth most coaches out there like to keep secret:

Anyone you know who has gained a "sh*tload" of inches on their vertical jump
REALLY FAST got there one of TWO WAYS:

A) They were born to jump high.

These are your "genetic lottery winners". They could spend all day sitting on the couch eating potato chips and watching TV and they'd still jump out of the gym.

All it took for them was puberty.


B) They stumbled onto the powerful combination of "Foundational Vertical Jump Training" strategically matched with "Short-Term Effect Training".

Are YOU one of those "genetic lottery winners"?

If not, that's OK. Kelly wasn't either.

It just means you need a vertical jump solution that combines the most powerful parts of "Foundational Vertical Jump Training" with "Short-Term Effect Training" to add inches faster than you ever imagined to your vertical jump.

Luckily for you, there is no other vertical jump program on the Internet today besides Flying In Four that combines both of these rare, yet big-time strategies together to effortlessly power up and add 6, 8 or even 10+ inches to your vertical jump in less time than ever before.

"Could You Fly Like This Too?"

Who Is Kelly Baggett?

Kelly is a world-renwoned Vertical Jump Coach. He's long been the undisputed vertical jump "king" of the Internet and my personal training mentor (why do you think I'm writing this whole article here on his behalf?).


Meet Coach Kelly Baggett: The Vertical Jump "King" Of The Internet Today..


Let me ask you a question..

Have you ever read 2,097 research papers JUST on increasing a player's vertical jump?

Have you personally trained more than 1,492+ athletes with the single goal of perfecting vertical jump improvements, something most "experts" out there would say is already "good enough"?

And tell me, have you improved your OWN vertical jump by a ridiculous 23 inches (yes, you read that right, Kelly used his own methods to increase his vertical jump by 23 inches!).

My close friend and training mentor Kelly Baggett has.

And when you take a world-class coach like Kelly and combine it with his incredible passion for the vertical jump, you're bound to get a vertical jump workout that has the potential to add inches to your vertical jump faster than anything you've ever seen.

That's exactly what's happened here with Flying In Four.

You'll Add Inches Faster Than Ever Before With Flying In Four -- Guaranteed.

Now that you know Kelly and have an idea of what Flying In Four is going to do for Y-O-U, let's hear from some of those other successful athletes who have used Flying In Four to add serious amounts of inches to their vertical jumps..

The Complete Flying In Four
Vertical Jump System
Flying In Four Component 1: Flying In Four Book
  • The "gold standard" of the vertical jump industry, The Flying In Four Program Manual contains all 3 of the breakthrough 28-day vertical jump workout programs that have been proven to add up to 12 inches to your vertical jump in just 12 weeks.

    With Vertical Jump Legend Kelly Baggett utilizing ALL of his most recent vertical jump tricks to combine the powerful synergy of Vertical Jump Foundational Training and Short-Term Effect VJ Training, gravity doesn't stand a chance.

    Contains every single day of workouts, telling you exactly what to do each day, FAQ's, charts, pictures, everything.

    You literally cannot find vertical jump workouts equal to these anywhere else in the world today. Period.

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg..

Flying In Four Component 2: The Flying in Four Exercise Video Database
  • Do you ever wonder what a specific exercise is exactly supposed to look like?

    Or do you ever feel concerned that you might be doing an exercise incorectly?

    With Flying In Four, that simply will not be a problem.
  • Every single exercise is covered in our Flying In Four Exercise Video Database.
  • On top of that, the Exercise Video Database is available to you 24 hours a day, so you're always just a click away of making sure you're doing one of the many powerful exercises inside Flying In Four correctly.
Flying In Four Component 3: The Truth About Jumping: Athletic Confessions With Alex Maroko, CPT
  • In this nearly hour-long audio (already in mp3 format and ready for upload to your IPod), Flying In Four co-creator and world renowned sports trainer Alex Maroko is going to reveal to you the real, "brass-knuckle" info you really need to know when it comes to maximizing your vertical jump.

    Included in the audio are the two most crucial things every athlete should have memorized when it comes to training for the vertical jump (these are not included inside of Flying In Four, so make sure to listen to this tantalizing audio separately).

Flying In Four Component 4: Stretch Your Vertical: Strategic Stretching For Jumping
  • In Alex Maroko's infamous "Stretch Your Vertical" Program, you'll discover the easy 9-minute stretching routine Alex uses with his clients to add several inches to their vertical jump, just through a few special "vertical jump stretches".

    This program will also drastically increase your speed, increase your flexibility and will also help you prevent injury, which is crucial to keeping you in the game and not on the sidelines.


Flying In Four Component 5: JumpUSA 15% OFF Lifetime Coupon
  • As a happy owner of The Truth About Quickness Insider's System, you also get special Insider's Access forvever to any of the powerful products sold at the web-based JumpUSA athletic superstore.

    Featuring an endless supply of vertical jump and speed training gadgets and training tools, you'll be able to purchase any of these products at a sizzling 15% OFF forever (and YES, this lifetime discount even includes the infamous "dunking machine", the Squat Flex).


Flying In Four Component 6: The 28-Day "Sweet Feet" Speed Program
  • The 28-Day "Sweet Feet" Speed Program is a brand-new speed training program from speed training "guru" Alex Maroko. Originally written for one of his personal clients (a college basketball player), you can now have access to high-level speed training too.

    Containing straight-up RAW workout data, with quickness training (straight from The TAQ 2.0 System), acceleration training (focus on explosiveness) and strength training workouts (how's more power and more speed sound?), the 28-Day "Sweet Feet" Speed Training Program has never been publicly released...that is, until now, with the brand-new Flying In Four Vertical Jump System.


Flying In Four Component 7: "Eating For A Bigger Vertical Jump" with Kelly Baggett
  • We all eat, right? Of course we do!
  • In this special audio report from the masterful Kelly Baggett, you'll discover the 8 MOST powerful "vertical jump diet tricks" from Kelly, including his killer "No C's Rule" and his ideal post-workout formula just for the vertical jump. This bonus is perfectly downloadable for your IPod or MP3 Player too and it's all yours today with the Flying In Four Vertical Jump System.



And now you can add 6, 8, 10 or even more inches to your vertical jump by the time your OCTOBER TRYOUTS BEGIN with Flying In Four when you start today at the seriously discounted, "Bring It Back" price of just $197, two payments of $47 -- 100% risk-free!

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Mike's Before/After Results After 4 Weeks:

Can you see yourself exploding off the ground that much higher too just 4 weeks from right now?

Plus.. Just to show you how much Kelly and I believe in the incredibly fast vertical jump results Flying In Four is going to deliver to YOU, I'm going to do something today I've NEVER done before -- something 99% of all other coaches would never do -- I'm going to stamp a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee on Flying In Four for you when you start today!

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And you can ask for that refund at ANY TIME, forever.

Can we make this any more fair and obvious for you? :-)

Look.. Flying In Four will work for you. It will deliver you the results you want. FAST.

And if you're still not happy for whatever reason, I insist you simply send an email to our 24-hour-a-day help desk at FlyingInFour (at) gmail.com where your refund will be fully processed within 24 hours and your small, initial $47 investment today placed back on your credit card or bank account. It really is that simple.

So take advantage of this massively bold offer I just put in front of you (that is only available until this Friday!) and match it with your own -- do something equally big for yourself.

Add 6, 8, 10 or even more inches to your vertical jump by the time YOUR OCTOBER TRYOUTS BEGIN with Flying In Four and start today at the seriously discounted, "Bring It Back" price of just $197, two payments of $47 -- 100% risk-free!


Click Here To Add At Least 6-8 Inches To Your Vertical Jump For Just $47, Today!

Men Lie, Women Lie... Numbers DON'T.

Look, I'm a pretty honest and "tell it like it is" kind of Coach. That's just my style.

II'm not from there, but I've jokingly been told on numerous occasions that I should have been from New York City for my straightforward attitude, so when I say this, know that it's because I've seen what Flying In Four has done for so many of my players and I am POSITIVE it will do the same thing for you when you start today.

Let's be real here: if you really put your mind to it, went back to school, studied performance training, exercise science and nutrition, found and read those same 2,097 research papers that Kelly did, started an award-winning career in athletic training for more than 21 years, working directly with 1,492 athletes with the sole intent of decoding the vertical jump (along with consulting with some of the most respected Doctors, Physicians and Sports Scientists worldwide), then maybe, just maybe… in 15-20 years, could you come up with an equally effective vertical jump program, like Kelly's done with Flying In Four.

Sure...it could happen.

But wouldn't you'd rather:

1.  Skip all that work
2.  Rely on the fact that Kelly already did ALL of that for you
3.  Add inches faster than ever before with the proven Flying In Four program and
4.  Do so completely risk-free with your results guaranteed for a lifetime

Get started today, your excitement will jump the instant you click the "Add To Cart" button, I guarantee it:


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I can't wait to hear all about your incredibly rapid vertical jump gains you'll be making in just the next couple weeks man.

"..they can't stop you...they never could."


Alex Maroko
CPT, Pro Guard Trainer, Coach

P.S. Flying In Four will be officially go back into the vault this Friday. It will be snatched offline and no longer be available for public use, so even if you don't need 6, 8 or even 10+ inches on your vertical jump right now, you may need it soon so pick up your copy of Flying In Four today for 56% OFF the retail price while you still can.

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If you feel even a shred of belief that Flying In Four might just work for you (even if you have some troublesome circumstances or poor genetics), then you owe it to yourself to simply try it today, so get to it champ!


Click Here To Add At Least 6-8 Inches To Your Vertical Jump For Just $47, Today!


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